A brand with stories made of surprises. It can only prepare you to be surprised again!

A family story.

Behind MODEa lies the ideals of a young designer. A fashion enthusiast who became a mother herself. A motherhood that reminded her of the hours spent sewing, creating, innovating. After the birth of EA, her daughter, Maud, a designer at heart, decided to make her dream come true and to launch herself as a designer. Her signature designs were noticed and the brand's reputation grew rapidly over the years. A resounding success that came as a bit of a surprise. As we like to do things right at MODEa, we took the time to analyze and think about the concept in depth in order to fully meet all the demands and trends, always with elegance and a modern touch.

Today, MODEa wants to be on-trend, with 100% Belgian iconic creations, albeit with influences from the four corners of the world. A sharing of sources, discoveries and knowledge, that invite you to start exploring the many treasures of the world. That's why we offer you motifs from various countries, at the heart of our bohemian-chic accessories, designed for the whole family. MODEa is more than a brand, it is a way of thinking and living. Through our creations, it’s our mission to leave a legacy, a trace of our existence in the world of fashion. We favor local crafts and respect for our partners. For this project, we are working together with a sheltered workshop over the course of the collections.

To make a long story short, MODEa Collections is the piece that fits you so well! In addition to our scarves, you can discover since 2021 our evolving blankets, made for your toddler’s today and tomorrow.

We would like to thank you for our success, because it is thanks to our subscribers that we continue to develop our concept and make it evolve. MODEa, that’s the perfect imperfection of a promise of loyalty.

where Elegance
meets Comfort.

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